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All the questions you need answered...

Q1: How do I know which wheels fit my car?

Answer: Selecting your vehicle manufacturer and vehicle model in the top bar will show wheels that are suitable for your vehicle. You can then use the filters on the left to identify your specific model to find exactly what fits. Alternativley, in each product page you are required to select your vehicle variant from a list of vehicle variants that the wheel fits. If your vehicle is not in this list, then it does not fit. In all cases, you are required to provide your vehicle registration when adding the product to cart, we use your registration to confirm that the wheels you have ordered will fit your vehicle, if they aren't suitable, we notify you before we send anything to you and resolve the issue. Still unsure? Why not send us your reg and we will email you links to the wheels that fit your car: Send us your reg...

Q2: Do you guarantee that the wheels will fit my car? 

Answer: Yes, completely! Or your money back. All of our wheels are guaranteed to fit your vehicle, if they don't we'll collect the wheels and provide a full refund! When we recieve your order, we make final checks using your vehicle registration that the wheels will fit your vehicle, if they are not going to fit we will look to change your order to an alternative or refund you.

Q3: How do I fit the wheels?

Answer: We provide a handy fitting leaflet that will arrive with your wheels that will guide you through fitting the wheels to your vehicle. We provide any bolts or nuts required to fit your new wheels to your vehicle, you just need a jack, a suitable brace (wrench) and 30-60 minutes. The fitting guide will advise you how to fit your new wheels as well as remove your old ones, it also advises you of torque settings if different from your standard settings.

Q4: Will I need anything else to fit the wheels to my car?

Answer: Some wheels need new bolts, some wheels use your original wheel bolts, but don't worry we'll work that out and send you whatever is needed for the wheels to fit. If we do supply new bolts, we will supply you with a handy bag to store them in. Additionally, you can find out if the wheels you want will be supplied with bolts or if they use your original bolts on the wheel product page, simply open the "Wheel Specification" tab at the bottom of the page and look for the "Fixings" row.

Q5: When should I fit my winter wheels and tyres?

Answer: Most people fit their winter wheels November to March. The truth is that their is no set answer other than to say that the benefits of a winter tyre are best in temperatures of 7 degrees and below. That is not to say that they should be removed if the temperature peaks above 7 degrees, they will still work fine, but the point being that if the average temperature is 7 degrees or lower, your winter tyres will perform better in the cold, rain, sleet and snow than your summer tyres will. Find out more about winter tyres...

Q6: Will your wheels fit my winter tyres?

Answer: In most cases yes! If your tyres are a standard size for your vehicle, then the wheels we supply will most likely be an appropriate width for your tyres. A good way to check is by selecting a wheel from our site, then looking at the tyre size that we offer. If it is the same size, great they fit, if not please contact us with the wheel that you want, along with your tyre size and we will check it for you.

Q7: How long is the warranty on the wheels? 

Answer: We offer a 2 year warranty as standard on all wheels, we also offer a free extended 5 year warranty on alloy wheels which you register for when you receive your wheels *terms apply.

Q8: How do I know if the wheels are in stock?

Answer: We provide live stock information on the wheel product page. The stock information is located just below the price. If the item is in stock and you are located on the UK mainland, delivery should be next working day subject to the delivery terms. If an item is not in stock, it may be on its way or need to be ordered in. In this case, delivery may take up to 7 days.

Q9: How do I know when I will receive my wheels?

Answer: When your wheels are dispatched we will email you the day before delivery. On the day of delivery our courier will text you with a 1 hour delivery window when your wheels will be delivered. This is a free service available to the UK only provided that a valid mobile number is provided.

Q10: Do you fit the wheels to my car?

Answer: Sorry we do not offer this service, we specialise in providing you with wheels and any fixings that you need to fit the wheels to your vehicle yourself. We also include a step by step guide. However for a small charge, a local garage will swap your winter and summer wheels over, please contact your local garage for prices.

Q11: Do I need the same size winter wheels as I have now?

Answer: No, generally winter wheels and tyres are 16" and 17" on larger engines or larger vehicles, however the options listed on our site are the most common for your vehicle. The smaller the winter tyre, the better it performs, it is also a little cheaper. Just be sure to find your vehicle on our site and we will advise you which sizes fit.

Q12: The tyre size is different to my tyre size. Is that ok?

Answer: The tyre sizes we list on our site are suitable for the vehicle and the wheel that we are offering them for. There are variations in tyre sizes as wheel sizes increase and decrease and winter tyres are better performing in higher profile tyre sizes. We do however ensure that we only offer TÜV approved sizes which are within acceptable tolerances to the outer diameter to your current wheel and tyre diameter.

Q13: If I order wheels and winter tyres, will the tyres be fitted and balanced?

Answer: Yes, we used the latest in tyre fitting and digital balancing technology within a 'tyre bar free' environment. Our semi-automated tyre fitting facility, and high quality balance weights and valves mean that your wheels and tyres reach you in perfect condition to fit to your vehicle. Find out more about fitting and balancing...

Q14: Do you use clamping weights or sticky weights when balancing the wheels?

Answer: We use sticky weights on alloy wheels, and clamping weights on steel wheels. The high adhesive sticky weights are of the highest quality and an absolute must on alloy wheels. The clamping weights used on steel wheels are required as there is no space inside the wheel for sticky weights, but don't worry, we use the highest quality weights and take great care in fitting them!

Q15: The wheels on my car are larger than the wheels that you are offering, is this right?

Answer: Yes, we usually recommend that you drop an inch or two in wheel diameter when buying winter wheels and tyres. This is because performance is greater in the narrower higher profile winter tyres, and the smaller the wheels, the more money you will save.

Q16: My tyres are different widths front to back, you are offering the same width tyres front and back, is this right?

Answer: Yes, we will sell you the same wheel sizes and tyre sizes that your vehicle manufacturer will offer you in their own winter programme, we also work from TUV approvals and follow the German market which provides us with all of the technical data according to which wheels and tyres each specific vehicle needs. As we recommend to drop an inch or two in wheel diameter, in smaller wheel sizes, the wheels are the same widths front and rear, therefore we fit the same width tyre front and rear. In addition, split width wheels and winter tyres can be difficult to find and will be far more expensive than a regular wheel and tyre package. 

Q17: Do I need to inform my insurance company that I have changed my wheels or tyres?

Answer: Most insurance companies do not need to be informed, nor does it affect your insurance and most importantly no additional premium is required. The ABi (Association of British Insurers) have published advice along with a list of insurers and their policy on winter tyres. You should be able to find your insurer and their policy on winter wheels and tyres in this document: https://www.abi.org.uk/globalassets/sitecore/files/documents/publications/public/migrated/motor/abi-guide-to-winter-tyres-the-motor-insurance-commitment.pdf

Q18: When is the best time to buy my winter wheels and tyres?

Answer: Simply put, as soon as you can. With all the best will in the world we try to keep our prices constant, however further in to the season as demand increases across Europe our purchase prices rise, and whilst we stock thousands of wheels and tyres, stock availability is reduced in peak season as wheel manufacturers struggle to meet demand. To avoid disappointment, we recommend to order your package as soon as possible.

Q19: Do I need to fit all 4 wheels with winter tyres?

Answer: For optimal safety we recommend that all 4 wheels are fitted with winter tyres. This will increase traction and stability of the vehicle.

Q20: Should I drive a slower on winter tyres?

Answer: You should drive according to the conditions in which you are driving. There is no need to drive any slower on the winter tyres we provide than you would on your summer tyres.

Q21: Are there any laws regarding winter tyres?

Answer: No, although in many countries in Europe the use of winter tyres is mandatory in winter months from a legal perspective and in the interest of the car insurance companies. In the UK there is no specific legislation, provided that they are suitable for the vehicle they are legal (as all of our packages are).

Q22: How do I store my winter wheel and tyre package?

Answer: Your winter tyres are best stored in a vertical position out of direct sunlight. UV Rays from the sun will age any tyre, even if they are sat around for six months, so keep them out of sun. Ideally you should rotate the stored tyres by 180 degrees a couple of times over the summer.

Q23: Do winter tyres effect my ABS or traction control system?

No, these will work in exactly the same way as with your summer tyres fitted.

Q24: I have a 4 wheel drive vehicle, are there any implications in fitting winter tyres.

No, your drive system will work in exactly the same way as with your summer tyres fitted.


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This site uses cookies, gathers anonymous tracking statistics and records your ip address for prevention of fraud. To continue to use this site you must consent to our Privacy Policy. To find out more about how we process data, see our Privacy Policy