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Waiting for a cold snap before you order? Read this first....

We always advise our customers to consider purchasing their winter wheels as soon as possible, this is not as a sales rouse or propaganda, but for very good reason. As soon as a cold snap or snow is forecast, everyone has the same idea and stocks can deplete in minutes from every winter tyre outlet throughout Europe. When we advise our stock as available on a free next day delivery like this...


For Orders Placed before 12pm GMT to Mainland UK

... it could mean we have 4 wheels in stock or 200 wheels in stock and as soon as an adverse weather forecast is made these can simply be emptied from our shelves in minutes. Whilst we hold as much stock as we can, wheels and winter tyre stocks across Europe deplete quickly at the same time and customers unfortunately are left disappointed without wheels and tyres that only a few hours ago they saw were available for a next day delivery.

Further to this, in the event of heavy snowfall or other serious weather conditions, the courier services that deliver our parcels, like all courier services, may be delayed or running limited services in your area and delivery delays can easily arise.

In all we can't stress enough, to avoid disappointment and to be ready before the winter panic sets in, order as early as you can to secure your wheels and tyres.