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We researched useful editorials, test results and reviews of winter tyres, making sure that we only considered the scientific tests and on a broad range of tyre sizes fitted to a broad range of vehicles, we rated the top winter tyres available and suitable for the UK.

We collated our search results from many journalist's winter tyre review articles, magazine test results (in the UK and Europe), forum threads and customer reviews. We found that many of the top winter tyres win various accolades and commendation in a spectrum of measured performance areas and it can confusing as to what is going to be the best tyre to get. For example, a tyre that is measured to have the best grip on snow, may also be the worst at clearing water (which is a far more frequent scenario than what most people buy them for.) likewise a tyre tested on one size might get the best result in one test, then in another size in a separate test be completely different worse result.

There is also the very important issue of value for money, you can spend an extra £50 here and there, but is it worth it?

We also considered the level of the winter tyre technology: For example Pirelli have a huge range of OE marked tyres, that means that they have been developed for a particular model and fine tuned for that car to the vehicle manufacturers standard and approved by them. What's better than having the tyre that is developed on your car?

So, here is our view in table form, below is our conclusion and recommendation:

Tyre ModelOur RankGrip on Snow & IceGrip in Cold Dry Tread WearValue for MoneyOE CoverageAqua-
Continental TS 860 1 100 100 95 95 0 100 90 95 95.625
Pirelli Sottozero 2 95 100 95 100 100 100 80 90 95.0
Goodyear Ultra Grip Performance GEN-1 3 95 100 95 95 0 100 90 90 94.375
Dunlop Winter Sport 5 - 95 100 95 90 0 100 90 95 94.375
Goodyear Ultra Grip 9 5 90 95 95 100 0 90 80 90 91.25
Continental TS 850 6 90 100 95 90 0 90 80 75 85.625
Dunlop Winter Sport 4D - 90 90 80 90 90 90 70 80 85.625
Avon WV7 Snow   70 70 80 90 0 80 70 80 78.75

Tyres is black font did not feature in the premium brand research (as they are not premium brand names), but we sell these tyres and have therefore scored them againts our other results.

Winter Tyre Review Conclusion

In conclusion, we found that all of these tyres listed are excellent or good for winter, some are slightly better in particular areas and some are worse. If you want the best overall value for money tyre the go for a entry level option (found in the tyre section of the product page) after all, they will get you grip in the snow. If however you want your performance in a particular area, want the best for the car in all conditions under 7 degrees and see value in mileage, then pick the best in the field, but remember the prices will rise.

Overall, if you have the budget, get an OE tyre. We mark the tyre pictures with a manufacturer logo, if your vehicle logo is on the tyre, this is going to be the best option for your vehicle. Engineered around your vehicle and guaranteed levels of the performance from the manufacturer. If there isn't an OE tyre, go for the Continental, Goodyear or Dunlop depending on what represents the best value to you. When universally tested, the Conti comes out on top, but the Dunlop and Goodyear are so close behind.