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Goodyear Ultra Grip Performance GEN-1

by Mr Winter Wheels

Ultra Grip Performance Generation 1 Header

The Goodyear Ultra Grip Performance GEN-1 is a new high performance winter tyre, developed from the DNA of the Goodyear Ultra Grip Series. This tyre has won 11 notable awards so far including finishing 1st in the Auto Express winter tyre test!

Ultra Grip P G1Result
Grip on Snow & Ice95
Grip in Cold Dry100
Tread Wear90
Value for Money100
Year of Release2015
Score %95.625
Our Rank#1 UHP

This new tyre is most impressive UHP winter tyre pattern on the market today. Being a UHP tyre, it is specially designed for use in larger performance sizes for high performance vehicles. This winter tyre won our tyre test 2015-2016 before the magazines have had a chance to test it - this is because the developments made to this tyre were made to previous UHP winner the Goodyear Ultra Grip 8 Performance! The tyre has now won 11 awards to date and counting. This includes first place in the Auto Express test.

Ultra Grip Performance GEN-1With specially improved sipe arrangement, the Ultra Grip Performance Generation 1 has been able to increase sipe density and therefore increase overall grip and performance on snow. 'Snow Protect Tecnhology' and interlocking sipes have been developed to ensure excellent hard and sudden braking performance boasting an impressive 3% shorter braking distances over the top 4 competitors according to a recent TUV SUD test. Aquaplaning resistance still remains very good, possibly the best in UHP sizes and the research and development that has been put into this evolved pattern has reduced weight and therefore increased fuel efficiency and responsiveness.

Price wise, you get what you pay for, but I would be very satisfied with the price tag. At around 25% more in price than a mid-range winter tyre, this premium model will deliver far and above 25% more performance which is why it is awarded 100% value for money in our rating and #1 winner for a UHP tyre!

Ultra Grip Performance GEN-1

Please note that the Goodyear Ultra Grip Performance Gen 1 is not available in all sizes. However, the Ultra Grip 9 covers most remaining sizes and this does not dissapoint!

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